Some objects get passed down in families. A special ring. An old watch. At New Creation Videography, our expert filmmakers craft distinctive, personal films that will resonate for decades. You'll watch your films again on your anniversaries, with your children and their children.

After years of creating films, I have learned what it takes to create the type of film I am passionate about, as well as giving you the best product. I have 1 package. Simple. If you would like options, please see the "Add Ons" listed below. 

all things new Package
(now includes all raw footage)

  • 10 Hours of Coverage

  • 7-9 Minute Highlight Web Ready Film (easy to share, download & make copies)

  • Full Ceremony Edited 

  • Full Toast Edited

  • Professional Audio (Vows, Toast, Letters....)

  • 3- 4k Cameras Operating for Ceremony, Toast, & Spotlight Dances

  • Drone Footage (weather & area permitting)


  • $400 Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

  • $400 Love Story

  • $600 Second Professional Shooter for 10 Hours

  • $300 Full Feature Film 

  • $300 2 Hours of 360 Degree Footage

  • $75  Custom Made Wooden Box with ThumbDrive of your deliverables (Highlight, Ceremony & Toast)

  • $100 Per Extra Hour

our process

  • See if you're date is available by reaching out by email.

  • See if we're a good fit for you. We can chat via Skype, FaceTime, Email, Phone or meet.

  • If we are available & make a good fit, we require a %50 deposit to reserve your date. We send over a Proposal, Contract & Invoice. Once we receive the downpayment, you are locked in!

  • We get to know you more, your story, your style of video you love, your musical taste, fill out a short questionnaire so we know what's important to you.

  • Show up with great attitudes, ready to capture clear & creative footage. 

  • We begin the editing & crafting a personalized film that you will love.

  • We take 4-6 weeks (depending on the season) to get your deliverables into your hands.

OUR promise

To provide exceptional customer service & create a film that you will love!

OUR prices

Our prices are transparent & well below the market value. You can not put a price on a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime & the generations you pass this down to. The gift of a well crafted video is invaluable. But, monetarily speaking, for what we offer as far as professional equipment, experience & delivered product, we are at an unbeatable price point. Why? I decided that I did not want to compete with others & look at what the "competition"is charging. That is a very tiring rat race. I simply have set my price point to what would make me happy, provide for my family & be fair to you.



  • When will I receive my final Film?  

  • We promise a turn around time of 4-6 weeks.

  • Why should I have 2 Cinematographers instead of 1?  

  • If you have 2 things going on at once that you would love filmed. Or if you're expecting a large amount of people, over 300, I would highly recommend a 2nd Cinematographer.

  • What is included in the "Full Feature Film" add on?  

  • The full feature film includes your full ceremony, full toast, full spotlight dances & the highlight events that took place that evening.

  • Why is Cinematography so expensive? 

  • Cinematography is a profession & weddings are once in a lifetime. There are no retakes, do overs, "hey preacher, run that back, can we do the 1st kiss over again?" Hiring a professional Cinematographer is crucial. People forget what the food & cake tasted like hours after, the flowers wither the next day, but a professional video will allow you to relive your day over & over again.

  • How are you so inexpensive?  

  • Most people compete with pricing, I don't. I am moved by 2 things, probably like you: What do I need to make to provide for my family & what will allow me to splurge a little. 

  • Are there traveling fees, or room & board if you have to travel? 

  • If the mileage is 60 miles out of Central Austin, gas will be added to your quote. If it's more than 120 miles, gas, room & board will be added. 

  • Taxes? 

  • Taxes, according to Texas law will be added on if there is a physical product being added on. Ie; a Thumb Drive.

  • Can we choose our own music? 

  • You can choose style, tempo, genre, but I can not legally use popular music due to copyright laws. I can face fines and/or litigation.

  • Can we request revisions?  

  • Yes you can!